Corporate photographic portraits opportunity in London

…a fantastic opportunity to take corporate portraits in London, for one of Europe’s leading Facilities Management companies, has come up.

I have just received the go-ahead! Lighting, composition and efficiency will be the order of the day. It will be a brief but welcome “trip-back-home” for  me and the venue is Finsbury Square which is where I worked back in 1994!

Here’s to you Mrs Robinson (and Mr Robinson)….

‘just finished shooting and processing Michelle and Johnny’s wedding photos. From getting-ready to getting-wed a really enjoyable day. Comfortable and confident together not to mention with a lens in their face, I was able to capture the spirit of the day. Although overcast, the rain mostly held-off and my Nikons were able to perform comfortably. These events work-well for any photographer when everyone is up-for-it – so my thanks also go to the couple’s family for booking me and for being good-sports! All the best for your futures together Michelle and Johnny!

Home improvement in action

Just had an enquiry from the MD of DLP – a well-respected and award – winning Salford-based roofing and maintenance company. They are updating their website and require some new images. Just been to visit site to make contact with the Site Manager. Hopefully shooting on Tuesday