Andrew Bovill Photography….lots has happened since the last post

It has been number of years since my last post. Over this time I have produced more images, developed a broader client-base and have tweaked my website. Improved exposure…to the market. All-good.

Whilst expensive equipment does not make a good photographer, a certain additional confidence is gained by knowing one’s kit is flexible, fit-for-purpose and more importantly, reliable. With this in mind, I have made some investment in photographic kit.

For instance, I have stepped into the world of Profoto lighting. With the system I have chosen, I now have some amazing and very portable, lighting solutions. No more trundling cumbersome “coffins” of slow-to-set-up, mains powered, lighting units with unrelenting soft-box modifiers. It’s now all about speed, agility and simplicity. This allows me to spend more time talking to my subjects and cajoling them into portrait Nirvana….or that’s the plan.

I have also added a Nikon D810 full-frame camera to my repertoire, allowing me more shooting-power. In addition to this, a superb Nikon 85mm f1.4 portrait lens and a Nikon 24-120mm f4 “Street-sweeper”, wide-tele zoom lens. The latter is a great little lens for weddings and “lifestyle” work. It allows me, seamlessly, to dash from group-shots to discreet reportage portraits, without changing lens.

With both Nikon and Canon investing in new mirror-less, full-frame cameras why did I not jump on this new, light-weight innovation? I considered the move but upon reflection decided that size and weight improvements offered no benefit to my style of photography. The new system is impressive. For Landscape photographers such as my pal Mike Prince Landscapes, humping heavy equipment up-hill and down-dale in the Lakes is a bind. He loves his super-light Nikon Z7 system!

Now that I am new and improved, I am looking forward to increasing my photographic appeal, in other words I am looking for more work.

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